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Having many years of experience, in 2009 we created the production unit of handmade frozen pizza under the name Mr Greek in Kilkis.



We are focused on the supply of products from the best raw materials, with rich taste and excellent quality.

We constantly aim at the uninterrupted satisfaction of our customers and so in this direction the company has installed, implements and continuously improves a Unified Quality Management and Food Safety System in accordance with the International Standards ISO 22000: 2005.



We understand their current and future needs and for this reason we modify our products according to their preferences, so as to meet their requirements and expectations.


The philosophy of the company is that the quality of food is practically ensured only by handmade production. That is why our products maintain the authenticity and taste of the handmade, combining economical solutions to the needs of each of our customers.



A key element of our quality is the emphasis given to the hygiene and cleanliness of the production areas. We implement a Preventive System of Food Hygiene and Safety, HACCP, which aims to eliminate any risk to the safe production of food. Its application extends to all levels, starting from the selection of raw materials and ending at the plate of each consumer. Also in the files of our company there are the corresponding declarations of conformity of our companies-suppliers, which certify the suitability of the raw materials.



The first handmade frozen pizza is available from Mr Greek, the pizza specialist since 1974! The way of preparation, the recipe and the quality ingredients guarantee its rich taste. The product line consists of pizza margarita, special, rustic, pepperoni, four cheeses, fasting, in dimensions from individual to large family, also individual peinirli and calzone are available. The way you freeze keeps the product fresh until the day it is cooked.



Proper baking will offer you a rich, juicy, tasty pizza. All our products are produced and packaged according to the rules set by the food safety management system ISO 22000-2005. Daily distribution throughout Greece.

A test will bake you!



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